Froggies Divers Bunaken

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Bunaken Island
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Lembeh Island
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Manado Main Office
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Dive, eat, sleep: that’s what you will do at FROGGIES Bunaken

Want to spend 4 1/2 hours a day in the Bunaken water, watching the scenery and the ever moving “fish-film”? Easy, do two 1 hour 30′ dives during the day and an unforgettable nightdive, you will not regret a single minute.
Did I hear you say “It’s impossible”? Try it, sit in the gentle current, do not move your arms or your fins, just follow your slow-going diveguide.
Bunaken diving at Froggies is lazy, taste the real sense of the saying:  “AWAY FROM IT ALL”


When you are looking for a wealth of comfort set up in the form of cozy bungalows, then Froggies Divers is the perfect place for you. A small dive resort and eco-friendly PADI operation on Bunaken Island, Froggies Divers offers diving guests an incredible getaway.

13 wooden bungalows featuring 14 rooms are set amidst the beautiful trees and foliage for your viewing enjoyment.

Each of the units that we have feature one or two bedrooms and come complete with aircon,  fan, cozy living area, a wonderful shower in a quaint garden and a stunning, large verandah with a breathtaking view of Bunaken Bay.

The Clownfish is the largest cottage that we offer, complete with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and the large verandah overlooking the sea. This cottage is just perfect for families or a group of friends who are looking to share the experience together.

The Baracuda and Eagle ray are two of our cozier new bungalows that come complete with a bedroom, living area, bathroom and a nice verandah overlooking the sea. These bungalows are just right to accommodate a couple or a pair of friends.

The Harlequin, Ghostpipe, Seahorse and Mandarin are four of our wonderful bungalows featuring a cozy corner setee, Bali style bathroom and verandah with an amazing beach and sea view. Each of these bungalows are very close to the beach!

The Pygmy and Nudibranch are smaller, yet beautiful bungalows featuring a Bali style bathroom and verandah complete with a sea view.

Although the evening breeze is amazing and just right for a perfect night of sleep, our bungalows are also outfitted with aircon and fans should our guests find the need for extra cooling.

As you rest at night, you will be able to hear the soothing sound of the waves breaking gently on the shore just outside of your bungalow.

Just right to help you get the sleep that you need for a great day of diving in the morning!

Because we are a dive resort first and foremost, our bungalows are designed primarily for our divers. As an added convenience to all parents as they are diving, babysitters can be provided to care for children.

Email reservations are strongly recommended to ensure that you have a spot booked with us for the evening.

Stay with us, dive with us

  • Long, slow and relaxed dives. No need to go very deep, most of the beauties are well above the 30m
  • The groups are small, no more than 4 guests per guide
  • Your dive time is limited by your air consumption
  • We take good care not only of our divers but also of preserving marine life.