Cakalang Resort and Diving Bunaken

Beralamat di Pangalisan beach Bunaken, p.o. box 1502, North Sulawesi 95000

Tlp. 0431-3339554

Bunaken is a tropical paradise for divers and snorkelers. Only 15 km away from the city Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.The island belongs to the top destinations in the world for aquatic life. The reefs and the walls are full with beautiful hard and soft corals, sponges and many other animals. More then 30 dive spots offer a variety for any level of divers.

Cakalang accommodation and diving

The name Cakalang is the local name for the skip-jack tuna. This is one of the most favorite fish for fishing and consumption in this area. On Bunaken next to tourism, this is still one of the main sources for living.

Our place “Cakalang” is a small holiday destination, just a few cottages on the beach and some rooms. Situated in the center of the “Bunaken marine park” at “Pangalisan beach” on the island Bunaken.

Excellent food

Our kitchen serves a variety of excellent Indonesian and western food. All brought to you in a friendly familiar atmosphere.

Fabulous diving and snorkeling

The resort is directly on the beach behind the mangroves on the east side of the island. In front of our place is one of worlds best diving and snorkeling spots. A 180 meter wide reef three km long stretches out over the full length of the east side of Bunaken island.

Other activities

Next to diving and snorkeling there are alternative activities and services, so you can have a unique stay on our island. There are dolphin trips Jungle tours, cycling, hiking it is all possible.

We are different

Almost all the resorts on Bunaken island offer all-inclusive accommodation deals. You sleep, eat, snorkel and dive within the same company. We offer an alternative to this; we do offer all inclusive as well but we offer you the freedom to choose. Pick your own activities which can then be arranged and personalized to suit your needs and desires. You don’t need to go with the crowd. We can offer activities organized especially for you. Additionally, if other resorts offer exceptionally good activities we can arrange to bring those attractions directly to you.

We try to escape the norm whilst still bringing you outstanding services. Our customers are our teacher’s.

Whatever you have dreamed of doing on Bunaken island, we will try out best to arrange it for you. We can organise airport collection, airline tickets, diving, snorkeling, and even a place to stay. New ideas are as welcome as you are.

With us you can shape your own holiday on the beautiful island of Bunaken.

Following this, we try to make sure our visitors to Bunaken Marine Park thoroughly enjoy their trip and leave completely satisfied. We do this by offering activities and services unavailable elsewhere.

On Bunaken you will hear often that you have to dive with the resort you stay or even non-divers not welcome. We do not have these rules. Everybody is welcome and you can do your activities where and where ever you want. If not with us we might ask you why. We also would like to learn and improve. There are no price differences for divers and non-divers.

Clean simple and comfortable accommodation

We offer you clean and simple accommodation, rooms with western toilet fresh running water and tiled floors.