Lorenso Cottages Beach Garden Bunaken

Pangalisang Beach


North Sulawesi


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Website: www.lorensobunaken.com

A home for both divers and non-divers

Lorenso Cottages Beach Garden is a tropical beach resort in the middle of Bunaken National Park, a famous marine park in the north of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The resort is a home for both divers and non-divers and is located on Pangalisang Beach, the Eastern side of Bunaken Island and less than 2 km from the Bunaken village. It is about a 25 minute’s walk via the mangrove beach or via a small concrete path to get to the village.

Native atmosphere

Lorenso and his staff provide a native atmosphere and together with a restful tropical setting, our guests will feel more than comfortable while staying at our resort. The nice and quiet environment makes it perfect to relax, read a book or just get away from the normal daily routine.

The best diving and snorkeling spots

In front of Lorenso’s place one can find some of the best diving and snorkeling spots that surround the island. Our home reef that stretches in front of our resort consists of amazing coral reefs and is one of the most beautiful areas within Bunaken National Park.


Lorenso Cottages Beach Garden is being run by Lorenso Caroles, a very easy going and helpful Bunaken native.

Lorenso started his own guest accommodation when he was 18 years old and today with more than 25 years of experience he knows how to make his guests feel comfortable and satisfied.



sumber: www.lorensobunaken.com

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