The word “Baswara”, in the Manado dialect, is similiar with “Voice”. This word actually comes from Sanskrit, which means “Shining” and “Glowing”. So, philosophically, ManadoBaswara conveys his voice to shine for the land of Toar-Lumimuut, and shines for the country.

ManadoBaswara (MB) is the first directory website, specifically about Manado and its surroundings. Everything is informed here (except political news) – from info on vital objects / city markers (landmarks), shopping centers, hotels, fashion, sport courses, tourism destinations, top restaurants to traditional culinary spots, shops, autozone, traditional markets, to unique places and rendezvous spots you can find here.

MB also offers a “Buy and Sell” channel. Here, you can advertise products and services (skills) for free.

MB was founded by Calvyn Toar and Andi Samuel, mid April 2016. MB is under the a One-Step Communication – Creative Media Network, Pancoran-Jakarta.

It’s all about our lovely land, Manado. Have Fun!